Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cover Girl

I’ve always had the ambition to make the front cover of a magazine. I’m sure with a bit (okay maybe a lot) of airbrushing and touch ups I could hold a striking pose that would make any member of the magazine buying public proud and guess what I’ve achieved it. Who said goal setting didn’t work…..

Okay maybe it wasn’t quite the type of magazine I had envisaged, not the rushing off the shelves type of publication that is a must have in every household but I heard them say somewhere that beggars can’t be choosers so I’m okay with that and besides, I’m confident that I’m not a beggar so I can be as choosy as I like, well almost! But irrespective of it all I still made the front cover (okay I did share it with a bunch of other people but I am clearly visible honest!)

So you are probably dying to know what this publication is and how you can get your eager hands on a copy. Well brace yourself because I have some bad news for you. As much as I understand your desire to see me in my glory, it’s not going to happen but then again if you are really interested then maybe I can start selling on the side, but are you willing to pay the price?

So why can’t you get your personal copy? That’s simple, because it’s priceless (no honestly it’s not sold in shops or anywhere else for that matter) and you have to be part of a special club to be sent your copy. I like that thought I’m simply exclusive.

Okay I’ll come clean I’m on the front cover of the Lupus News & Views quarterly magazine. So llaughing with mr lupus has its plus points after all!

My pearls of wisdom
Although this is not the front page I had envisaged, it shows that things do not always come in the way that you would expect them but it also says you really can achieve anything if only you believe. So start believing in something right now!