Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Awake and alert!

Its 6am on a dark Tuesday morning and my body is wide awake courtesy of the pains in my right leg. So I thought I would use the time wisely and catch up with you as I realise that I haven’t shared with you for a while.

So let’s do a quick check in with what’s been happening in my world.

I’m beginning to finds ways to make disability work for me and as a result my left leg is rejoicing because instead of having to battle with the challenges of the manual gear change it has a new home, a new car and it’s automatic (my right leg is not so happy but that is another story) But I am truly excited none the less because, it does so many really cool things, I travel with the car key in my pocket and the doors open automatically, it starts at the touch of a button, the lights come on when it is dark and the windscreen wipers come on when it is wet. The only problem is I still have to drive it and as I have not been that well I haven’t spent a lot of time in it.

But the thought of it alone refreshes part even steroids cannot reach. It really is the simple things in life that make the difference.

So what am I doing while I am up so bright and early, after all I have no job to go to? Well seeing as it is just us, I’ll share with you. I am on a weeing marathon, yes you heard me right, I am currently weeing for England. I had chemotherapy (cyclophosphomide, my favourite drug) yesterday and I have been getting intimately acquainted with my loo, but I guess that is a new way to detox!

I’m trying to take it all in my stride as by consenting to have chemo means that I am ‘allowed’ to go to the Caribbean for two months. Yes you heard me two months well my motto is have crutches will travel!


lavender said...

You are invited to comment on my 100th post, if you wish.

Wishing you health & happiness!

Coach K! said...

Hi Carole!

I happen to come by your blog and it brought back tons of memories for me. I too have been living with Lupus, but for 18 years. I am 34 years old now, married with three children. It has not been easy!

Although I am working now, I know that could change in a minute. But I too went through he whole chemo-thang! Five years ago, my platlet had gotten so low that I needed Pulse Therapy (chemo/steriod cocktail). I had to leave work for over a year. I had only two children at the time, and it was very miserable for my husband and I, but we tried to make the most out of everything. I can remember feeling like my life was one big joke! That period in my life became a wonderful journey of self discovery and self love.

Today, I am learning to pull life towards me. Meaning, I am thinking more creatively on ways that i can express myself within this fast paced world, without becoming insane. I work from home, I do almost everything from home. I changed professions and am now a Life Coach, and an internet talk radio show host for women ( http://www.coachkradio.com ) Its all exciting, but it is a day at a time feat. Some days I forget that I have a life threatening illness, and i go through my days at 100 mph. And then I pay the price with pain and fatigue, one day I will learn.

I wish you all the best. i am going to place your blog on my links page on my website, and continue to check in from time to time to see how you are doing.
Many Blessings, Coach K!

Wanda said...

Is there a way I can subscribe or something to your blog? I have lupus too and have been trying to find bloggers like me. I like your site and it would be nice if I could keep up with it from my blog.

Anonymous said...

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