Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just that one word

I love words and admire their power and beauty and recently I realised the power they have to distract, destroy and confuse. I went to my doctor in my usual chirpy fashion prepared to have the usual chat about what’s been happening in my world with mr lupus, drugs and rock and roll (oops wrong conversation) anyway you get my drift. I sat down, we exchanged pleasantries checked on my blood count and then had a discussion about my drug taking habits.

I must admit I have not been too great at taking my tablets, I think it is a ploy by mr lupus to make me into a junkie, and so was unable to answer the questions as affectively as my doctor would have liked. That is when she said it, the one word that turned my whole world upside down. I am going to repeat it here but in a whisper because it is not my word and I have no intention of giving it any more power than it already has ‘relapse’ Now I’ve said it, I will not say it again if I need to I will simply refer to it as the ‘r’ word. This was a word that did not feature in my vocabulary, although it’s currently trying to find a way in, and until that moment it held no meaning for me.

This got me thinking (no not about the ‘r’ word) and reconnecting to a long held belief that our words frame our worlds. By the language we use we determine the content and quality of our lives. I’m sure you have heard about the laws of attraction well our words are one of the ways it demonstrates its presence.

In my effort to create a world where the ‘r’ word doesn’t feel welcome I have paid closer attention to the words I use on a daily basis and chose to eliminate two of them from my vocabulary because I didn’t believe that they were helping me to conquer my enemy mr lupus or other things in my life for that matter. The two words which I will only repeat (in a whisper) here for the benefit of you understanding what I am talking about are:
but: because it almost always comes before an excuse or apology. I would love to meet you today but my lupus is playing up
try: because I now believe that you either are or you aren’t there is no grey bit in between. How can I try to drive? I am either driving or I am not simple.

I am finding other more empowering ways to say the things I want to say and whilst it is a challenge, I really have to think before I speak, it really does give a different perspective on things.

What word(s), if you removed them from your world would provide you with a whole new perspective and more of the silver lining thinking?

I challenge you to do something today.

Remember your words are some of the most powerful tools at your disposal so use them well. Email me and I’ll send you my ABC of words.


Emmyrose said...


I'm Emmyrose, also a Lupus sufferer. Hope to get to know you better :)

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The Singing Patient said...

words... well i'd love to remove lupus from my vocabulary :)
i found your blog today and am right there on your page with the power of laughter, and the power of words. amen to that!
i've had trouble being a "compliant patient" (as they refer to us in their little charts), staying with the drugs. in my experience, over 16 years with mr lupus (and no i don't use capital letters for that either), it's better to wipe the flare out with the drugs, then taper off, than to drag it out by being inconsistent. this is the voice of expereince here, girlie! with teh caveat- do whatever you wish, it is your life, your body, and your choices, your power ot make those choices.
if you want to avoid rel*ps* (sorry i dont' know how ot make the font smaller), why not try some other angles on eliminating the "pathology", such as diet modification, acupuncture, qallergy testing- you know get to the root of the thing instead of just throwing drugs at it? that's what sux about your regular drs. they only offer drugs. try looking off the beaten path?

sherry said...

love this blog!100% on the dot...Ive eliminated the word pain from my vocabulary. Has made a big difference:)