Monday, June 16, 2008

A lighter life!

I just came across a magazine in my pile of things to read when I am able to focus long enough for it to make any sense called ‘Lighter Life’. The magazine relates to a diet where you are quite literally starved for months on end to enable you to loose stones in a short space of time. Okay that’s not the publicity information, they actually have a more attractive way of explaining it all and provide supplements and nutrients to keep you going and I know people who have been on it and it has worked wonders for them.

I have to be honest I have considered it myself and as I don’t really eat very much at present (work in progress) I wouldn’t really miss the food side of things but the weekly price is a bit hefty on my meagre salary (oops I forgot I don’t actually have a salary) but the title of the magazine resonated deeply with me and I realised that that’s what I want for Christmas, no not a diet, a lighter life!

A lighter life!
Life seems to get heavier on a daily basis and I don’t know whether mr lupus has been putting on weight which would explain my back pain and why it feels as though I am carrying such a heavy load or whether it is my perspective on things which is causing things to feel or appear heavy. I mean when I have happy thoughts (few and far between) are they happy because something exciting is happening in my life or am I choosing to be happy? I am a firm believer that what we perceive we manifest into our lives but what if you add mr lupus to the equation does the same apply? I don’t know, but I also think that this is a distraction tactic by mr lupus as the more I ponder on the solution to this problem the heavier life becomes and the further I move from my true mission and purpose in life.

My decision
I’ve made a decision I am going to worry less about the why and the how and dedicate myself to the what and the when so I ask you to join me.

What have I learnt?
You cannot always understand why things are happening nor have enough clarity to know how you can make it different but you can always make a decision about taking action and decide on when you are going to take that action. So for me I have things I want to do I am going to break them down into baby steps and decide on what needs to be done and then decide on when I am going to do it and not put pressure on myself believing that there will be a day when the why and how will make more sense.

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