Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Okay who turned the freezer on?

I've discovered something new about mr lupus (is there no end to this man?) he loves the cold.

How do I know that?
Well as I sit here writing this my hands are swollen (but I am a writer so the words must go on) and my feet feel like blocks of ice so I am convinced that he and his mates are taking advantage of the change in weather and are currently skating over the ice that now seems to have formed in the nerves in my legs and my hands and are having themselves a whale of a time. I on the other hand am not faring quite so well but I have never (well almost never) let pain and discomfort stop me from fulfilling my mission.

I am now totally convinced, even though the medical practitioners may state otherwise, that I am a child of the sun and only regular doses of sunshine can save me. I wonder if I can get that on prescription? Now there's a thought and definitely something I will take up with my Rhematologist when next I see here.

But for today, I am just going to wrap up warm and wait for my legs to thaw so that I can use them again.

Nothing like the simple pleasures in life!

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