Monday, March 16, 2009

I understand the power of a shower!

The white of the sides were dazzling and the water that moved between them was at first warm and soothing but then before she knew it, it was cold and uninviting and just as she thought it could not get worst she found herself in an awkward and uncomfortable situation and the stark reality hit her, she was alone and she couldn’t get out….

If this was the opening paragraph to a best selling thriller novel it would have you gripped and ready to read whatever came next. Unfortunately this is not the case it is the story of the day I decided to take a long soak in the bath and found that the combination of inflammation and reduced power meant that try as I might, I couldn’t get out. mr lupus had me in his grip and there was nothing I could do about it.

Armed only with a telephone, an iPod and my sense of humour, I realised that I would simply have to wait it out. mr lupus would have to let go of his grip eventually wouldn’t he?
Of course he would!

After what seemed like forever and several phone calls later I was finally able to wrestle myself out of his grip okay perhaps not wrestle exactly just get onto my knees and push myself to my feet and get myself out of the bath vowing to never return. Know I really understand the power of a shower!

I did however learn some lessons along the way:
  • Let the water out first, an empty bath is so much easier to manoeuvre in.

  • When mr lupus is on the attack and you are home alone having a bath is not the best decision to make.

  • Humour is a powerful weapon. My friend laughed all the way through my desperate phone call to her but fortunately for her I was laughing too.

  • Faith and hope are great friends to have along the way. I believed that I was going to get out…eventually.
mr lupus is really upping his game so I simply need to up my because I cannot let him win.

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