Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's official the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

That’s what my mother always told me and I know what she means, all that talk yesterday about sitting in the park between hospital visits etc was just that I’m afraid. Having walked to the hospital, allowed them to take a sample of my life juice (which reminds me I really must find out more about what they are actually looking for with these blood tests) and to take my blood pressure whilst I waited for the results (which by the way is fine) I was so tired that I had to stop for a while.

On the topic of my blood pressure, all is not fine and like all good medical personnel they have suggested that I visit my GP who may want to medicate me… as if I don’t have enough drugs to take. Funny they didn’t think that it might simply have something to do with the stress in my life (which by the way seems to be running quite high at the moment) so wouldn’t a prescription to a spa or for a soothing massage by a bunch of handsome men be more appropriate and far more beneficial?

I am not selfish I want you to join me as well.
Now isn't this the kind of prescription that you would happily pay money for? I know I would. Anyone know where I can get one?

All was not lost however, and I did do something constructive; I relaxed as opposed to rested. I’m sure it amounts to the same kind of thing but somehow there was more pleasure from the relaxing thing today than the whole resting thing over the past eight plus weeks, and it also seems like the kind of thing you would only do if you were well. So operating from a well place (it’s all a matter of focus) I opened the hospital recliner (the Chemo suite is full of comfy armchair recliners) got myself a bunch of magazines, got the nurse to bring me some light refreshment, plugged in my ipod and disappeared into the world of Alicia Keyes caressing my senses with her dulcet tones.

My second hospital stop of the day was a quick one and now I am attached to a gadget that is monitoring my heart beat (reminds me of words from a song every beat of my heart.. I don’t know the rest), which also led to a chance encounter from an encouraging stranger over a rack of clothes (a woman still has to keep abreast of the shopping thing).

I couldn’t really hide the wires coming from your chest so she stopped me to give me an encouraging nod and to tell me that it was all going to be okay and she knew because she had been through a similar experience.

Although she didn’t really know what my experience was, it was nice to know that all compassion is not dead in the world and we chatted easily about a whole host of things including food, nutrition and big boobs (see there really is more to life than mr lupus). She even gave me her telephone number. I may never call her but it’s nice to know that I have not lost my touch for making new friends.

Not at all bad for a day at the hospital. I think I am going to try that relaxing and going out thing again tomorrow.

Thought for the day
It is still possible to feel pleasure in the middle of the pain and discomfort. Relaxing is the way to go and I recommend a healthy daily dose of it

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Anonymous said...

Hey girlie, Remember S.I.S.T.E.R. You sent that to me some time ago and I think it appropriate to remind you what it stands for. Remember you always have SISTERS.