Friday, August 26, 2005

And today's leading role is....!!

I can now officially report that the mind really does play a key role in your health and well being. But how can I make such a bold statement, with such certainty and authority? Well, I feel eminently qualified, due to my recent experience, and I would like to share it with you. So please come and join me on my personal journey.

It was that time of the month again (no not that time of the month) It was Chemo time. Whilst I appreciate and give thanks for each and every moment (well most of the time) this really is a time that I find particularly difficult to recategorise (is there such a word or am I just making it up) I hate it. I hate the feeling as the liquid flows through my veins, I hate the nausea, I hate post chemo infection and I hate the not knowing how and when it is going to affect me and my day.

And on this particular day it seemed as though my mind was particularly fixated on all the things I hated. When my eyes opened and greeted the day, I felt anxious and heavy and the mere thought of needles, the increased chemo dosage and a day of hanging around the hospital did not inspire or fill me with any kind of enthusiasm and it really was only the fact that my friend was picking me up to go to the hospital that I actually got out of bed.

I arrived at the hospital in style, I usually either drive myself or take a stroll alone, but today I was chauffeur driven and had company but I still couldn’t find a space in my mind to relax. Even chatting (my favourite pastime after TV and Diagnosis Murder) to the medical team didn’t lift my spirits. It was then that it happened. No not an epiphany, or a startling revelation, just my mind controlling my body. The nurse set about her task to fit the drip thing (I can’t remember its name), she tried it once, twice, three times, four times but no joy and you can imagine what this did for my anxiety. I ended up in the garden in a flood of tears, I called a friend to pray with me and my friend returned from parking the car just in time to give me a hug (Hugs are really a powerful healing weapon make sure you get yours daily).

Two more attempts and three nurses later it was in…. I won’t share the rest of the details with you, but I will share my thoughts on the whole experience.

It felt as though my mind had sabotaged the day. My mind for some reason was closed to the whole idea (well I guess it makes sense who like needles being poked into their skin) and as a result my body responded in the way it did. How many other things has my mind been closed to before? And what can I do about it? The answer to both questions is I don’t really know but I do know that my mind needs pampering and nurturing, it needs to feel valued and supported and I have to find a way to make that happen. Here are some of the ways I’ve going to give a try why not join me?

1. Long soak in a bath of sweet smelling bubbles (daily)
2. Visualization of myself well
3. Write a daily gratitude journal
4. Buy myself flowers or little gifts
5. Laugh a lot and often
6. Spend time with friends
7. Give thanks for my blessings
8. Get at least one hug a day

Thought for the day

The mind is a powerful tool to waste, look after yours and it will serve you well.

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