Wednesday, August 10, 2005

One sure thing!

The one sure thing in life is you are going to die. No don’t switch off I’m not off on one of those morbid, suicidal trips, being unduly influenced by mr lupus, I’m off to a funeral of an old (well not so old really she was only 42) school friend today and it got me thinking about life and death. In western culture we try to avoid the subject of death for as long as possible and only really deal with it when it is knocking on our doors or the door of someone close to us.

What is it about death that scares us seeing as we cannot avoid it? That’s probably a long story for another place and another time.

In some cultures they actually celebrate at funerals, they celebrate the life of the person passing but so many of us simply mourn the passing. Today when I go to my friends funeral there will be two dates prominently display the date she was born and the date she died and they will be divided by a simple – (dash) the emphasis will be on the dates but the real significance will lie in the space in between as this will be the some total of her life.

How are you living your dash?

I came across a poem by Linda Ellis called 'The Dash' sent to me as an email some time ago, that sums this up and I just wanted to share it with you.

Thought for the day
Enjoy the life you have and celebrate the people in it….who knows where you or they are in their dash


Anonymous said...

C'est trop vrai.
(How True!)

Anonymous said...

Try the book, "Live a Thousand Years" by Giovanni Livera. It puts the dash into perspective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!