Saturday, April 26, 2008

3 minutes of fame!

I really wanted to share this with you yesterday, hot off the press so to speak, but having left my house without my crutches, (don’t ask) what happened when I got home didn’t really make allowances for that.

I’m describing the leaving house without crutches as an experimental procedure just to see whether they really make a difference in my life or whether it’s all in my mind (But please don’t try this at home). I am pleased to report that the experiment was an astounding success, I’m not particularly happy about the results but the experiment went fine, I made it to my destination and back.

It is now official that I need my crutch; it makes a huge difference to mobility in the moment but more importantly for the moment after. The reason I couldn’t share my 3 minutes of fame with you the moment I got home was because neither my legs nor mr lupus wanted me to. mr lupus stood there wagging his annoying finger at me just the way an irritating child does so that he could bask in the glory of my agony and tiredness. And my legs just looked at me accusingly asking WHY!

To remove myself from both my accusers I went to sleep on the settee without even removing my clothes (But I did manage to take my shoes off)

Now back to my 3 minutes of fame. Ben TV is a cable station, which to be perfectly honest with you I have never really watched, but they wanted to talk about lupus and I can do that and it was TV.

I was part of a panel of 3 people, Sherry whose partner (a man) was recently diagnosed, and Cynthia who organises awareness events for a range of health issues so I was the only who has lupus. You would have been proud of me I challenged the word suffering and stated that I am actually living with the condition (okay I should have used learning to live but still) It was a pleasant enough discussion but not enough time was allocated I, oops I mean we, could have spoken a lot longer.

Although the time slot didn’t really give the topic justice it worked for me:
- I made a new friend (I already knew Sherry)
- I can now add TV to my list of appearances
- It got me thinking.

Not bad for just 3 minutes of fame!

I’m really quite passionate about this lupus stuff not from a medical point of view or even for a pain point of view, but from a spiritual and practical point of view and I have something to say on the subject (quite a lot actually) so I am going to create platforms for myself to talk not necessarily just about lupus but about coping strategies, the power of laughter etc. (I’m still working on the topics so any suggestions)

I’ve even approached Ben TV (okay I know I don’t watch it and don’t really know who does but it could still be a useful platform) about doing a regular motivational, positive slot and they are interested.

What’s the learning point for you?
Don’t leave home without your crutches if you need them but more importantly push yourself (within reason of course) and do something different, try something you have never tried before and share it with others. I did!

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An gelyne said...

Hi C ... congrats with your TV appearance - I wish that I could have seen your 3 mins! Big things will be coming your way. Loving the blog!