Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Better out than in!

It’s a Tuesday morning, the sun is shining, my doctor says I am depressed and I am about to leave the house to deliver a workshop, what more can a woman ask for to challenge her and all in one day?

In spite of or maybe because of all of this, I think I am going to celebrate the day anyway after all it really is a blessing to be seeing another day at all, even if it currently feels like crap. Talking about seeing, mr lupus seems to be playing with my eyes, a bit like now you see me now you don’t, so lots of warnings from my doctor about driving and working heavy machinery oops scratch the last one that is the warning on the medication bottle. Talking about medication my doctor actually got on her knees today to beg me to take anti-depressants that has to be a first even for me I’ve had the hospital ring me to come and pick up my teddy bear (long story), my doctor write me because she hasn’t seen me in a while but never a doctor on her knees.

Just goes to show just how special I really am!

So to mark this auspicious occasion I am going to go to the Asda supermarket and drive myself around in one of those motorised wheel chair things. No I don’t really want to do any shopping just ride around in the chair. I have always wanted to do that. In fact what I should do is organise is a group of people living with lupus or anything else for that matter, to descend on a store (somewhere central of course) and organise races down the isles (if this interests you please let me know). We could probably do it at 2am when many of us who can’t sleep are still searching for things to do to keep us occupied.

Okay enough of my rant for the day. I strangely feel better having got so much off my chest, not well enough to clear that mountain of clothes currently staring menacingly at me however, but enough to get in my car (I will get my eyes tested soon honest!) and drive off into the sunshine for a whiz about in the chair.

I’ll let you know how it all went tomorrow but today promise me that if you have something on your chest or your mind that is annoying you, upsetting you or generally getting in your way and preventing you from enjoying the moment that you will find, (hunt out if your have to) a way to let it out and release it, you will feel much better when you do. Look I'm smiling :-)

Better out than in is my motto.

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Liz C. said...

I am totally down with that - as a matter of fact, I think it would make a great fundraiser for FlaredUP! so stay tuned.

This is a great blog. Keep up the good work.