Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I need your help!

I hover in front of my living room curtains, but my brain refuses to give the order to my arms to open the curtains and let the light in. mr lupus has tricked it into believing that staying in the dark is the safest place to be, but as the sunshine knocks lovingly at my curtains I instinctively know that this is not true but the chains that bind me, although invisible to the naked eye, hold me tightly bound and I am unable to translate my positive thoughts into any meaningful action, so I am enlisting your support to help release me from these chain. Don't worry I am not asking you to be my Indiana Jones just to encourage me to keep moving forward. Just knowing that you are listening to me already seems to have loosened the chains and provided me with a little more clarity of thought.  Thank you I know what I need to do.
  • Want to open the curtains - okay this is a tough one after all what difference does it make and couldn't that energy be better spent else where? I've thought about it opening the curtains will let the light in and sitting in the darkness only the act of letting light in (however little) will make the difference. Okay I really want to open the curtains.
  • Know why I want to open the curtains - Well this one is already taken care of.
  • Have the ability to open the curtains - I know I can do it. I have both the ability and the evidence to back it up.
  • Get support so that I know I am not alone - I have reached out to you and I already feel the warmth of your support.
  • Take a deep breath - Breathing is one of the most powerful weapons at our disposal and one we do not use effectively or often enough. I know breathing comes naturally that's not what I am referring to I am talking about those deep breathes that help to centre us and get us focused/refocused.  
  • Take Action - Now this is the big one. Hold on a moment I am going to take action whilst you are still here. I've done it! and the room is so much brighter, a much nicer place to be and further more I am free from the chains.
How could I have forgotten this feeling so easily? I realise when I do not have a vision or image of what I want or how I want things to be any sign of challenge (and we know about mr lupus and his challenges) I'm stuck and the lights automatically go out but I have discovered that I do have access to the light switch I just need to trust, believe and ask for help and then take the necessary action to let the light back into my life.

Thank you for your support.

Now whilst the steps outlined are about me and my curtains, they can equally be applied to anyone and any situation so if you have a specific (mr lupus has a lot of non specific challenges) challenge identify the steps you can take to make the difference in your life and live a more freer life.

Remember it is you who makes the difference in your life!

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