Sunday, May 04, 2008

The power of the Disabled Badge!

I’ve finally found a reason and a purpose for my disabled badge.

I was off to an appointment and the person was running late and seeing as it was nearly lunch time and I still hadn’t had breakfast, I thought I should kill time (why do we use the word kill in respect to time?) let me rephrase that, I thought I would pass the time effectively, so off I went to get some food, which is a major mind shift for me as food generally does not feature anywhere in my thinking. Anyway I parked my car, met someone I went to school with, had a chat, stood up in a queue, got my food and headed back to the car park but I couldn’t remember where I parked the car.

Well everything looked familiar to me and then I remembered why? The disabled spaces were already taken when I arrived in the car park and so I had to park in the first available space. I took a mental note of where I parked the car, which was my first mistake, as I have long since realised that taking mental notes is of no real use to me as when I want to recall that information the play back button no longer works.

So there I was standing in the car park frantically pressing play back (my second mistake) only to find the screen blank. Then I had my second ah ha moment. I realised that it’s not the playback button that’s faulty it’s the record button. The recording device I am using is no longer reliable (I must make a mental note of that) .

It was then that I began to see my disability in a whole new light.

My disabled badge is not about labelling me and any dysfunction it’s a car tracker. If I had found a disabled bay and parked my car, finding the car after my shopping would have be a piece of cake.

It’s all about perspective and so today I have decided to give a greater level of respect to my disabled badge because I know it is there to prevent me from standing in car parks praying that when I turn the next corner my car will be there.

What is in your life that if you changed the way you viewed it could actually be seen in the positive rather than the negative? Remember the glass is always half full even when it is half empty and life really is all about perspective. Think about it, if the Indians had written the cowboys and Indians story we would have had a whole different story!

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