Thursday, May 15, 2008

I did it!

Yes I did it!

I celebrated my ‘down’ day by going for a ride around the aisles of a large Asda supermarket and I must admit, as strange as I might have looked with my crutch perched to one side and my bright orange handbag and no shopping in the basket in front of me, I didn’t care (isn’t that one of the symptoms of living with mr lupus?) and yes I did enjoy myself.

I happily navigated my way through and around shopper’s legs, small children and other obstacles to enjoy the view, as I travelled down aisle after aisle making my way from dog food aisle to large screen TVs to extra value toilet paper. Supermarkets really do look different when you can only see eye to eye with a tin of baked beans or flavoured (I’m sure that’s the wrong word but what else do you call lavender, lemon or Floral) bottles of bleach.

The great thing about these motorised wheelie things is that you don’t need to have a license to drive them as they only have two gears forward and reverse and a horn to let people know you’re coming and when you’re driving to lighten your mood, what more do you need.

I really didn’t have a supermarket game plan so I simply followed the natural layout of the aisles one by one, reversing when I found elements difficult to navigate and just enjoyed being conspicuous in a place full of people. 

All in all I spent about an hour and a half driving up and down the aisles and although I didn’t fill my basket with anything, no one challenged me and when I parked up my transport and left empty handed, noone asked me any questions. For the moments I spent behind the wheel I felt in control and my relationship with mr lupus didn’t even factor into the equation.

Just what my personalised medical plan ( I put it together myself) ordered. It might not have been the anti-depressants the doctor ordered but it did enough to get me through the rest of the day.

Now all we need to do is work out how we can all do it as I think the one thing that I was missing was a companion, someone to play hide and seek with, first to find the ketcup or other similar supermarket games. Unfortunately they only have two wheelie things so if you are up for it we would have to organise ourselves into teams and do relays.

 Are you up for it?

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