Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My legs have sent me to Coventry!

Its official my legs have sent me to Coventry. For the whole of yesterday they refused to have any meaningful conversation with me. I tried talking to them, I touched them affectionately, I apologised for treating them badly but they simply refused to pay me any attention. So I sat, lay down, slept, watched meaningless TV all in an effort to keep me occupied whilst in silent relationship with my legs. All whilst trying to be understanding and patiently waiting for my legs to forgive me.

Now 24hrs later, I realise that they really do not forgive easily and I have to take the matter into my own hands. The sun is shining and it’s my late mother’s birthday so I refuse to be kept prisoner by my legs. Today I am in control I tell my legs what to do, they don’t tell me (well that’s the theory I am working on today).

I think I hear a murmur, nothing loud or friendly just a whisper. Oh I think I am being given permission, okay it’s valed in a challenge but I am seeing it as the opening of friendly or at least less hostile negotiations.

I have been given permission to leave the house as long as I use both crutches. Okay I can handle that, after all I am looking at how to get my legs back onside so if this is what I have to do them I am willing to do it (albeit not my first choice).

So as I hobble to the bathroom, I have thoughts of being outside enjoying the fun of the great outdoors.

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