Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bitter isn't always bad for you!

Another day of relative freedom from mr lupus, although I did succumb a little to his advances in the afternoon when my body decided that all that high energy stuff was a bit much and it really needed to get some more rest. But that’s okay I found the best solution, an afternoon spent in the comfort of my ‘office’, yes I took up my position in (or rather on) my favourite place, the couch in the front of the TV (just in case you didn’t know).

I think I’m beginning to give a whole new meaning to the term ‘couch’ potato’. But I mustn’t forget that I did have two consecutive days of energy so I can’t really complain and before I get too overwhelmed by it all I’ll just go back to living in the moment and in this moment I just need a top up of energy. That’s simple and uncomplicated, in fact life is probably just as simple but it’s us who make it complicated.

Could it be that life really is black and white with the grey bit in the middle being stuff that we create or that has been created for us? I mean when I wake up in the morning I only really have two choices, I either get up or I don’t, black and white simple. But then if I add thinking to the equation, what am I going to do when I get up, how am I feeling, what is the day going to be like etc… then the whole process takes a lot longer and that’s when it all starts to get complicated. Does this apply to you in anyway? Like for instance when someone asks you a question is that nice? And instead of saying yes or no you go into the history of how and why it got here. Isn’t that just complicating things and taking up time? Say yes or no and then move on. Think about how much more you could accomplish each day if you only cut out the fluff.

Well here I am moving along this road to wellness just itching to ditch all of that complicated stuff (and mr lupus of course)….

I guess it’s a bit like the annual spring clean or that all important detox where you purge and cleanse (isn’t that the same thing?) to refresh and make room for something new. That reminds me of when I was a child during school holidays it was always time for a ‘washout’ mum would boil stuff that smelt foul and had the same taste to compliment it. Dad’s favorite (I’m still wondering about him) was roast orange and cod liver oil (yes it tastes just like it sounds) I hated this ritual and couldn’t for the life of me understand how digesting that liquid and spending days on the toilet could ever do me good. It just shows you how much we know. We should really pay more attention to what our parents say as that kind of remedy has simply been repackaged (the wonders of marketing) and is now costing us a small fortune. I’m sure if I’d kept up the practice it would have done me the world of good, but they always say that hindsight is a luxury don’t they?

Here’s a question for you who exactly is they? We use that term often but is there really a discernable they?

I must say I like the idea of purging and cleansing because after I have kicked mr lupus to the curve I want to be standing in the renewed and recharged me (which is at least two stone lighter) without any of that old stuff messing things up.

Thought for the day
Just because it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth does not mean that it’s not good for you.

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on Lupus and Bitter, for those who are interested.

A major publication on Lupus is authored by ... Bitter:

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