Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Power of Inter-dependence

All that activity of yesterday caught up with me today and I actually got some deep sleep, well a range of short naps but it felt good and recharged me enough to do things in-between. And this time I did move from the comfort of my settee.

I got some advice from my friend’s sister over the whole sleeping thing. She assures me that this works for her. Close eyes, say you want to go to sleep and then don’t open eyes until you do. I’m not convinced but maybe I’ll give it try.

TV, apparently aware of my current disgust with them, treated me to a marathon session (12hrs) of my favourite programme, Diagnosis Murder (DM) starting at 6am (guess what I was awake) If you are unfamiliar with Diagnosis Murder, here is a brief synopsis. It is a kind of detective/medical drama where Dick Van Dyke and his son (whose name I can’t remember) play a doctor/detective and…okay you probably don’t really care and I’m not sure my description would do it any justice anyway so perhaps we’ll skip the synopsis. Needless to say I’ve watched a lot of it.

Don’t look at me like that, it’s not that I am addicted to it, it’s just that for those two hours a day Monday to Friday and then this marathon session I am simply continuing my research (but then you knew that already)

I did manage to break the day up though, I also watched the Wimbledon final, Charmed, Will and Grace and aspects of Live8, well I wasn’t going to move too far from the settee was I?

I think mr lupus went out for a bit today and left me to my own devices because after each sleep, I felt a bit better. I know he’s coming back though because he left his torture equipment. But I didn’t focus on that; I used my time apart from him wisely. I even got a visit from hunky Will Smith, of Men in Black fame, (okay he came to me via satellite from Philadelphia courtesy of Live8 but he was still talking to me and he was in my living room.)

I can testify that he really does get better with age; he really has grown into all man! (Oops sorry I’m getting carried away, where was I, oh yea our conversation). He said a range of things but what struck me most about our conversation (yea I was talking to him too, what of it?) was the reference he made to the fact that America is celebrating Independence Day this weekend. He suggested at this time instead of focusing on independence it was time for us to be inter-dependent. With an African child dying every three seconds it is our responsibility because we are all in this together.

Wow that was deep, but doesn’t make you think about your life and where you are at? I know for me I am battling with the whole asking for help and support thing. I used to believe that strength lay in being able to do it for yourself but I have discovered that a stronger person is someone who can admit they cannot do it all themselves and happily asks for help when they need it. My superwoman days are over, I have burned the outfits and recognise that the only thing we really have in common is gender (it’s still a work in progress.

Thought for the day
Ditch what ever independent front you are operating behind and recognise that we are all an important link in the cosmic chain of life and only together can we really make a difference. What's more the power lies in the connection between the links in the chain

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nas said...

Always remember to forget the troubles that pass your way; BUT NEVER forget the blessings that come each day.