Saturday, July 09, 2005

I'm still waiting!

If you stopped by yesterday, I'm sorry to have missed you. I had one of those strange days and I couldn't seem to get it together. It felt like being a dark place without a light in sight and what was worst I couldn't get a signal on the mobile. But that was yesterday......

Just when I thought that mr lupus had taken a sabbatical, my visit to the hospital changed all of that. What is it with hospitals and doctors aren’t you supposed to feel better after you’ve visited them. Well I definitely didn’t today. Just when I thought I could say goodbye to Prednisolone the dosage is up again and guess what they now want to introduce another drug to regulate my blood pressure. I’ve always wonderered about that one, if you take tablets to regulate your blood pressure how do you ever know if your pressure is normal on its own? Anyway the upshot of it all is that mr lupus has definitely not left the building.

Well that’s my rant over.

The question I really want to ask is about waiting rooms. Why do people in waiting rooms go to painful lengths to ignore each other? Have you noticed that when you sit in a waiting room whether it is the hospital, train station, bus stop etc. everyone tries to pretend that they haven’t seen each other. There is very little eye contact and few people engage in smiles or friendly chatter, strange really because at that particular moment in time we have more in common and are more connected than most. One common purpose and goal, wouldn’t you like to have that in your current relationships?

I go to the same clinic once a month as so do a lot of the people warming the chairs around me but do we strike up conversation no we simply sit around for what is sometimes hours trying to pretend that we are the only one there. Or we busy ourselves reading out of date, no interest magazines. Why am I turning the pages of Motor Cycle Monthly? It’s obvious so that I can avoid striking up a conversation with the person next to me. How bizarre is that.

Do we somehow think that whatever that person has could be transmitted through a smile or an exchange of pleasantries? Is there some unwritten waiting room code that says thou shalt not talk to or smile with anyone least you catch something? Or maybe it’s the fault of the hospital they don’t create an environment conducive enough to striking up new friendships!

Yes that has to be it. We can’t possibly be at fault!

But imagine this. You arrive at your chosen waiting area (hospital, doctors, train station, bus stop) and are greeted by someone who seems genuinely pleased to see you. The air is permeated with a sweet relaxing fragrance and soft mood enhancing music is playing softly in the back ground caressing your earlobes. You are shown to your seat and introduced the people around you. You are offered light refreshments and an array of up-to-date magazines/newspapers and as you wait for your train, bus, doctor or specialist you blissfully engage in meaningful conversation with your new found friends.

Okay a girl can dream. Maybe the next time I am in the hospital or my doctor’s waiting room (and we know that is very soon) I will turn it into an warm place to be by sharing a smile with someone and by striking up a conversation with the person next to me.

Thought for the day
Don’t leave it to other people to create the world you want to live in. Change your world one day at a time

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