Sunday, July 17, 2005

No it's not helpful!

Haven’t you put on weight!
Why is it that people feel they have some God given right to share this startling revelation with you? It’s as though if they don’t tell you at that precise instant something dreadful will happen either to you or to them (and I suspect it is purely personal)

At a moment when you least suspect it and employing all the style and finesse of an exploding bomb they simply blurt it out. They don’t even wait for an appropriate moment (if there is such a thing) and without any real assessment of the situation or condition they simply drop that one liner and then they feel relieved. It’s now all over, well at least for them it is!

But they have offered no relief to your pain, no offer of comfort or support or even a solution they simply presented an observation from a seat on their vantage point and all without knowing the real truth. They don’t see your restless nights, your battles with medication, a wardrobe of clothes that deny you access, those unfulfilling shopping trips or the pain and the heartache, no all they see is the image in front of them that doesn’t quite fit or meet with their approval.

They leave satisfied, as though they have righted some wrong, but in truth they have left you to pick up the pieces. When you stepped out of your house and put on the clothes that best fit you were feeling okay, in fact as you glanced at your image in the mirror as you left the house you were beginning to feel quite attractive and the extra pounds didn’t feel quite so heavy but that was this morning.

Now those heavy feelings are weighing you down and you could kick yourself for not having a witty or curt reply to stop those well wishers in their tracks; nothing to make them stop and think about that statement; nothing to make them understand just how destructive their words have been.

Yes you guessed it, I had a bit of a challenge with my weight today, actually it wasn’t so much with my weight, because I have been carrying that around for a while now courtesy of Prednisolone, but more with the people who felt they needed to remind me of it.

People can be so insensitive at times and I still don’t know how they can possibly think that they are helping. Do they think that some how I don’t know?

Seeing as I can’t do something immediately about this one I’m gonna go and drown my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream (I can’t allow a little weight thing to stop me from having a bit of fun) with homemade strawberry glaze (all natural of course) I’ll tackle this stuff tomorrow after all looking on the bright side it’s easier choosing what to wear now. It just has to be something that fits comfortably.

Thought for the day
Don’t judge a book by its cover sometimes the cover has nothing to do with the content

Next time you see someone who is ‘bigger’ than when you last saw them don’t shout it out. Chances are they already know.

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