Friday, July 01, 2005

Not quite the all night party!

Here’s a question for you, what do you do when you are wide awake and the rest of the world is sound asleep?

Although I’ve had lots of practice with this one, I still don’t really have a clue but I have tried all kinds of options, from clearing the clutter and trying on clothes in my wardrobe I can't believe I bought that dress) to exploring the treasures of cyber space (it’s amazing how much you can buy on ebay, even though I’m not sure what I’ll be using that gadget for)and running up the phone bill calling overseas.

I’m running a bit late today but that’s not really surprising as I’ve been up for nearly 24hrs now. Most of which I’ve been trying to ward off mr lupus who is again trying to get my sole attention, which becomes particularly easy in the wee hours of the morning when my defenses are down. I'm exhausted but I've still got my fighting spirit so the battle is not over yet!

Funny at times like this it becomes blatantly clear just how bad TV really is. With a world of channels at my disposal, I still can’t find anything entertaining to watch at 3am. (Educational or informational would really be too much at this time of the day)

Maybe I’ll go in for some kind of record, which would be great if this was an all night party or rave (I can’t remember when last I did that one but who knows) but it’s not it’s just another stop on my road to wellness, but I mustn’t complain. This probably isn’t such a bad thing as another stop on the road has to mean that I am definitely moving.

Hooray, the intrepid explorer is on the move.

I’ve realized that as long as you keep moving you start to gather momentum which will be able to carry you through when you don’t have the energy (well that’s the theory anyway)

Thought for the day
I don’t really have one or maybe I have several I’m not really sure but that’s okay I have an excuse more thoughts tomorrow.

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nas said...

I am awake most times at 2am in my own world,so if you need someone to chat to anytime if you find you cannot sleep, I am phone call away.